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  •    When you think of Mercer County, what comes to mind? Farms, industry, Old Fort Harrod? Mercer County has a lot of positive attributes ranging from young families, industrial executives, retirees and all those who are found in between these categories. However, we as a community have struggled to be a single, concise voice to broadcast just who we are and what we have to offer. 


       The Mercer Chamber of Commerce has accepted the challenge and made it one of our goals to shape this voice into one that can recruit small businesses and industry, help families grow within a progressive economy and bring all our hidden gems into the spotlight. For natives, “transplants” into the community and those looking for a new place to call home, this voice is key in determining the perception of just what makes up Mercer County.


       The first step in shaping this voice is publishing a community profile. A survey of the public showed what people felt was important.  From this input direction for representations of our community, the profile was born.


       The profile includes information on attractions and recreation, health and wellness, faith and worship, education, hospitality and lodging, retail, government and public services and business and industry, along with a community map. In the new Profile there will be opportunities for organizations to include free information, as well as, paid advertisements to spotlight businesses and attractions.


       The advertising components will differ for each section. One section may offer an advertorial along with standard advertising space. Another section may offer a block listing option. The profile is designed, from articles to advertisements, to show all the wonderful attributes of Mercer County in an organized, user-friendly fashion. 


       The Mercer Chamber Board of Directors will be contacting individuals, organizations and businesses to ensure everyone will have the opportunity to be included. The goal is to publish copies to be distributed locally and for our 250th anniversary.


       The Chamber is very excited about this project and plans for it to grow and develop as the community moves towards its 250th birthday celebration. The saying goes “put your best foot forward,” and our best foot is a strong, united voice starting with this community profile project.


    We look forward to working with you,



    Mercer Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors


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