• Board of Directors

  • Board Members

    President Clay Slone

    Vice President Chase Barnett
    Secretary Christie Welch

    Treasurer Matthew Moore

    Director Toni Preston

    Director Tia Taylor

    Director Jessica Haralu-Huff

    Director Scott Hammons

    Director Theresia Logan

    Director Christie Welch

    Director Matthew Moore

    Director Olivia Ray

    Pioneer Days Chair- Clay Slone

    Kentucky Heritage Jazz Festival Chair- Sam Carr

    Annual Meeting/Awards Chair- Jessica Haralu-Huff

    Artisan Expo- Toni Preston 

    Executive Director- Jill Cutler

    Member Services Director- Becca Sims


    Chair of Leadership Mercer- April Burgess

    Chair of Community Profile- Paul Slaninka

    Chair of Golden Leaders- Jill Cutler 

    Chair of Youth Leadership-April Burgess

    Chairman of Lean 2 Green-Mike Sanford 

    Tourism Rep- David Coleman

    Chair of Small Business Saturday- Clay Slone

    Economic Development Committee - Chair: Chase Barnett, Vice Chair: Scott Hammons

    Tech Committee - Jessica Haralu-Huff, Michael Coleman

    Perk Up!/BAH - Matthew Moore

    Personnel Committee -Sam Carr, Mike Inman, Leigh Lopez

    Ruth Ann Bryant Scholarship Committee - Sam Carr, Ruth Ann Bryant, Sheridan McKee, Toni Preston, Diane Green, Sarah Steele

    Annual Awards Dinner Committee - Chair: Jessica Haralu-Huff, Leigh Lopez, April Burgess, Conner Souder, Toni Preston, Diane Green, Becca Sims, Emily Hogue, Christie Welch and Clay Slone

    Health Economix - Diane Green, Erika Litton, Sky Maddox, Chris Minor, Jill Cutler

    250th Parade - Harriet Ruby, Jo Lynn Pike, Sharon Lovingood, Kristyna Lewis, Susan Rogers, Tammy Pyle, Candace Cooksey, Keith Rightmyer, Toni Preston, Joni Horn, Jill Cutler.  Beauty Contests Chair - Emma Buchanan

    Golf Events - Than Cutler, Brian Staples, Jerry Catlett, Tia Taylor, Kevin Hendren, Ty Holiday, Rudy Burgess

    Scarecrow Project - Chair: Becca Sims, David Coleman, Toni Preston


  • Staff

    Executive Director
    Jill Cutler
    Executive Director

    Becca Sims

    Director of Member Services