• Board of Directors

  • Board Members

    President Christie Welch

    Past President Clay Slone

    Vice President Scott Hammons

    Treasurer Matthew Moore

    Secretary Olivia Ray

    Director Toni Preston

    Director Tia Taylor

    Director Hannah Lawson Clark

    Director Theresia Logan

    Director Robert Matheny

    Director Brad Selby

    Director Rick Schoebel

    Director April Burgess

    Director Mike Inman

    Pioneer Days Chair- Clay Slone and Scott Hammons

    Kentucky Heritage Jazz Festival Chair- Sam Carr

    Annual Meeting/Awards Chair- Christie Welch

    Artisan Expo- Toni Preston 

    Executive Director- Jill Cutler

    Member Services Director- Becca Sims


    Chair of Leadership Mercer - April Burgess

    Chair of Community Profile - Paul Slaninka

    Chair of Golden Leaders- Jill Cutler 

    Chair of Youth Leadership - April Burgess

    Chairman of Lean 2 Green - Mike Sanford

    Tourism Rep - David Coleman

    Chair of Small Business Saturday - Clay Slone

    Small Business Saturday and Spring Shop Local Committee - Olivia Ray, Theresia Logan, Becca Sims, Jill Cutler, Erik Nordsell, Mona Nordsell

    Economic Development Committee - Chair: Chase Barnett, Vice Chair: Scott Hammons

    Tech Committee -  Michael Coleman

    Perk Up!/BAH - Matthew Moore

    Personnel Committee -Sam Carr, Mike Inman, Leigh Lopez

    Ruth Ann Bryant Scholarship Committee - Sam Carr, Ruth Ann Bryant, Sheridan McKee, Toni Preston, Diane Green, Sarah Steele

    Annual Awards Dinner Committee - Chair: Christie Welch, Jessica Haralu-Huff, Leigh Lopez, April Burgess, Conner Souder, Toni Preston, Diane Green, Becca Sims, Julie Salters, Olivia Ray, Hannah Lawson, Sydney Carlson, Theresia Logab,  and Clay Slone

    Health Economix - Diane Green, Erika Litton, Sky Maddox, Chris Minor, Jill Cutler

    250th Parade - Jo Lynn Pike, Sharon Lovingood, Kristyna Lewis, Susan Rogers, Tammy Pyle, Candace Cooksey, Keith Rightmyer, Toni Preston, Joni Horn, Jill Cutler.  Beauty Contests Chair - Emma Buchanan

    Golf Events - Than Cutler, Brian Staples, Jerry Catlett, Tia Taylor, Kevin Hendren, Ty Holiday, Rudy Burgess

    Scarecrow Project - Chair: Becca Sims, David Coleman, Toni Preston


  • Staff

    Executive Director
    Jill Cutler
    Executive Director

    Becca Sims

    Director of Member Services